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Here, you’ll find everything you need to:

  • Learn about COPD
  • Treat it a effectively as possible
  • Monitor your condition

Consider asking a friend or relative to go through this with you-they may sometimes think of something that you may not have realised. If you or someone you know are unable to use our website you will be given a paper version of this information- just let us know if this is the case.

All about COPD

What is COPD? COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is a group of lung conditions which make it difficult to empty air out of your lungs because the airways have become ... [continue] All about COPD

Living with COPD

The best treatment for COPD is quitting smoking. It can be incredibly tough to quit, but doing so using support is proven to help. Be kind to yourself and don’t dwell ... [continue] Living with COPD

Monitoring COPD

1) Check how well controlled your COPD is: Every 6-12 months, try to spare some time to think about how your breathing is and has been. You can do this ... [continue] Monitoring COPD

Date published: 27th May, 2021
Date last updated: 12th August, 2021