Bilbrook Medical Centre

Repeat prescriptions

Important – Before ordering your repeat prescription, please check the ‘review date’ which can be found towards the top of your prescription. If the review date is close to expiring or has expired, please book an appointment with a doctor so that your prescription can be reviewed. This process allows us to discuss any concerns you may have with your medication. We aim to do this every 6-12 months, depending upon the nature of your medications. The practice is unable to accept telephone requests for medication.

To order them in person or by post, simply follow these steps:

  • Fill in the white side of your prescription, indicating which medications you require
  • Drop this into the post box next to the main entrance
  • Alternatively post this to us using a stamped addressed envelope
  • Allow 2 working days from receipt for your prescription to be processed not including weekends or bank holidays
  • You can nominate a preferred pharmacy for e-prescribing where your prescription goes automatically to a preferred chemist of choice without the need to collect it from the practice. Just ask reception to select your preferred chemist the next time you are in the surgery.
  • Please collect your new prescription from reception or from your nominated chemist

OR – Register for EMIS Access on-line facility

How to register for EMIS Access on-line facility-Please note this service is not available for those aged under 13 unless there are exceptional circumstances

Our Practice prescription policy is available to download here

How you can help to reduce medicines waste

£1.1million of medicines are wasted locally every year—this money could have paid
for other services and treatment

Think! Do I need this

Tick! Only what you need

  • Check what you already have at home before you order
  • If you don’t order an item this time it will remain on your repeat
    medication slip
  • If someone orders your medicines for you, let them know if there are
    any items you don’t need.
  • If there are any items you do not need give them back to the pharmacist before you leave the pharmacy—once you have left the pharmacy any
    returned or unused medicines must be destroyed.  They cannot be
    recycled or reused for other patients.

Tell! Your GP or Pharmacist

  • If there are medicines on your repeat prescription that you do not use.
  • If you have any questions or problems relating to your medicine.
  • If you have stopped taking any medicines, or are not taking them as

There is no such thing as a free prescription. Even if you don’t pay for your prescriptions there is still a cost to the NHS

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 2nd December, 2021