Bilbrook Medical Centre

Contraception & Sexual Health


Finding the right form of contraception for you can seem confusing. On this page you’ll find information about:

  • Selecting and starting contraception
  • Continuing your existing method
  • Sexual health


Selecting and starting contraception

We have selected 3 resources to get you started:

If you’re thinking about having a coil fitted, you may wish to watch Dr. O’Dair’s introductory video.

Our practice nurses and GPs will be happy to assist you. It often helps to spend a little time looking at the resources before your appointment to allow you to get the most out of your time with us.


Continuing your existing method

If you’re currently using the pill and need a medication review, you may wish to do so via email, instead of booking an appointment. If so, you can download our pill review form, complete it at your leisure and email it back to us at when it’s complete. We’ll reply once the review is complete.

If you’re using the coil, implant or injection, your review can usually be conducted by telephone- please call reception and they will get you in touch with the right clinician.


Sexual health

Some sexually transmitted infections may not cause symptoms so it can be a good idea to consider being tested, especially if you’ve changed partners.

SH:24 provides a free testing service and lots of useful information, in association with the NHS.

For any further information, please contact one of our practice nurses or GPs.


Date published: 28th June, 2020
Date last updated: 5th July, 2020