Bilbrook Medical Centre

Online services

We actively encourage patients to register for patient accessOr download the NHS app

The practice enables patients to access parts of their medical records on-line, wherever you can connect to the internet, in your own time, day or night:

  • To check the information received from your previous practice is correct
  • To access Health Advice information on how to manage a range of health topics, together with written and video information. There is also an on-line question sheet that can go direct to your Doctor.
  • Flu Vaccination eligibility checker
  • Request follow-on Fit/Sick Notes
  • See your Allergies and main illnesses/conditions
  • Order Repeat Prescriptions
  • Immunisations
  • See some types of results
  • Book/Cancel appointments
  • Change your address or contact details if still in the practice area
  • See some coded elements of medical record
  • Full access to  on-line medical records please contact reception.
  • Send secure messages to the surgery
  • To access this information please speak to reception, or register direct Patient access

All new patients will be sent their PIN number to activate when they appear on the practice register

What to do if any of the information is incorrect

If any of the information is incorrect or missing please use the on- line contact form or write to the
practice manager. Please do not book a GP appointment as they cannot deal with your past medical
record. Your case will be reviewed against your medical record by the practice manager and partners.

You will be contacted for further information or a decision as to whether the information has been included, amended or removed.

Date published: 17th February, 2017
Date last updated: 7th June, 2022