Bilbrook Medical Centre

About our PPG

The Patient Participation Group is representative group of patients, providing a communication channel between Bilbrook Medical Centre and its patients.

The group provides a forum to :

  • Share information about the practice, the locality (8 local practices) and the wider NHS
  • Enable patients to raise non- medical issues with the practice
  • Enable feedback for trainees, both negative and positive
  • Identify practice difficulties for patients e.g. Breast screening location access, bowel cancer screening access
  • Initiate, support and evaluate supplementary services e.g. Social prescriber,  and to give feedback on existing services
  • Engage in identifying specific practice questions as part of patient surveys
  • Evaluate results of patient survey and identify areas for development/review as part of an action plan
  • Opportunity to engage in emergency planning
  • Opportunity to engage in Care Quality Commissioning (CQC) visits to provide a patient perspective.

Date published: 6th March, 2020
Date last updated: 23rd September, 2020