Bilbrook Medical Centre

Test results

Please call between 11.30am and 2.00 pm for all results. We cannot accept any samples after 11.00.

Blood Tests
(Full blood count, Electrolytes, Liver Function, Cholesterol, Blood sugars, Thyroid Function)
Call a week after having your bloods taken

All X-rays requested by the GP
Call 2-3 Weeks after the X-ray has been taken at the hospital.

Ultrasound Scans
(Abdomen ultrasound, kidney or bladder ultrasound, pelvis/ Gynae ultrasound)
Call 2-3 weeks after the scan

Urine tests / Stool Cultures
Call 7 days after handing the samples into surgery

Swabs, HVS, Chlamydia Tests
Call 7 days days after handing the samples into surgery

Hormone Levels or Special Blood Tests
Call 7 days after having the blood taken

Endoscopy Reports
Call 2-3 weeks after having the scan

Cervical Smears
You will be notified by post in 6-8 weeks following your smear


Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 19th May, 2020