Bilbrook Medical Centre

Annual review for CKD

If you have been diagnosed with CKD you will be seen either twice yearly or yearly by a nurse at the practice, depending on the stage of your CKD (your doctor may also decide for you to be seen by a kidney doctor at the local hospital). This is an opportunity to review your symptoms, medications and to get an updated picture on how well your kidneys are working. If your kidney function has deteriorated, this is the chance to make sure we are offering you all of the appropriate treatment and to make sure your medications are a safe dose. Equally, these reviews are an opportunity for you to share any questions or concerns that you may have.


What to expect at these appointments:

  • A chance for you to discuss any symptoms you may be experiencing. If there are any symptoms you are struggling with, we will review the options we have to best help you.
  • A blood pressure check, to make sure we are achieving the desired target.
  • Blood tests to get an updated picture of your kidney function but also to check for anaemia and any issues with your calcium, phosphate or potassium levels which may need correcting.
  • A discussion of the lifestyle measures to ensure they are being adhered to as closely as possible.
  • A review of your regular medications to make sure you are on the correct medications (including statins, anti-platelets, blood pressure medications and diabetes drugs if appropriate) but we will also check you are on a dose that is safe for your current kidney function.

Date published: 20th July, 2021
Date last updated: 20th July, 2021