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Group A Strep

Group A Strep is a common type of bacteria. It can cause infections including throat infections, most of which are mild and can be treated. Scarlet fever is a type of infection caused by group A strep. It is infectious, presents with fever, sore throat and a rash, and treating it will help stop it spreading. Only a few infections become more serious. As a practice we see Group A strep infections every year but we are seeing larger numbers this winter. These infections are most common in children.
We would encourage parents and carers of children to look at the following resources which give more detail about the symptoms and signs of Group A strep infections. This we hope will help guide you on when to seek further advice and how to spot more serious symptoms.
Group A Strep and Scarlet Fever :: West Yorkshire Healthier Together (    (Please note for this resource the contact details are for Yorkshire only)