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All about Cholesterol

What is the Risk?

Do I need a Statin?

Below is information to help you work out whether your risk of developing cardiovascular disease means a statin might be useful.

To look at this your clinician will have given a percentage called Qrisk following your cholesterol result. Please note that there are groups

of people such as those with established cardiovascular disease where Qrisk does not apply. The document mentions atorvastatin but some people

take other statins such as simvastatin.


Risk of Coronary heart disease and stroke – benefits of atorvastatin

The graphics on the following pages show different levels of risk of cardiovascular disease (coronary heart disease and stroke)

over 10 years in groups of 100 people, and the effects of atorvastatin on that risk compared with no statin treatment. For each

level of risk, the same information is shown in 2 different ways, because some people prefer one format to the other. You need to look at the 

graphics that apply to people with your level of risk. Your health care professional will explain this to you.



Date published: 4th August, 2021
Date last updated: 19th October, 2022