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Caring and Support Skills Workshops
Throughout 2022 our Caring and Support Skills Workshops will be focusing on different groups of Carers. The workshops are tailored to specific caring roles to provide relevant support and information. Carers can increase knowledge over different topics to enable them to feel confident, supported and safe in their caring role. These are currently being held online, so Carers across the south of the county can access them. We have partnered with numerous local services to ensure Carers have the opportunity to explore help in their local community.
Dates for 2022: Starting January – Parent Carers
Starting February – Managing changes
Starting March – Dementia Carers Starting
April – Caring Day to Day
Starting June – Health and Wellbeing
Starting July – Moving On
To book call Mandy (Carers Skill Coordinator) on 07740418643
CASS The Carers Association carers advice line 01785 606675
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 10am-4pm
Free information, support and advice for Family Carers in Staffordshire.