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Better Health

After successfully kickstarting the nation’s health at launch in 2020, the Better Health campaign is returning in January 2021

with positive and motivating messages to support us all to take action to improve health. The Campaign will show the public the

simple steps they can take to help them feel better.


For almost everyone, life in 2020 has been fundamentally different. It has promoted people to reflect on what really matters to them,

with many of our audience refocusing on family, friends and health. Recent research revealed that 805 of adults plan to make at least

one change to their health and wellbeing in 2021.


Public Health England’s Better Health campaign launches Monday 4th January, to help provide the nation with the resources to take

the first steps towards making positive, healthier choices in 2021. As they look towards the start of a new year, people are looking for support

to take practical actions that could make them feel better, so January’s Better Health campaign provides just that, whether people want to lose

weight, quit smoking or increase their activity levels.

The Better Health website has information and tools available to help get people started.