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Bilbrook Medical Centre

Bilbrook Medical Centre

Brookfield Road
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Range of Appointments



We aim to be available for you when needed and have included a little information about appointments to help you get the most from your visit.


You can specify to see a doctor or nurse of your choice but might have to wait longer but we hope that any member of our nursing or medical teams will be able to help you.


We understand the sensitive nature of some enquires. If you feel comfortable to do so, sharing information with the reception staff can help you gain assistance more efficiently and with the most appropriate person, which might be a nurse, or a doctor with a special interest in your condition.    


It may help you to know that requests for ‘sick notes’ can sometimes be dealt with on the telephone—Please ask at reception for more details.


No discrimination will be given to patients who have not attended the practice in the preceding three years.


What to do if you are unable to attend a booked appointment


If you are unable to attend a booked appointment it would be appreciated if you could contact the surgery and let us know as soon as possible so that it may be given to another patient.  If you have booked your appointment on line you can cancel it via the same route.  If you fail to attend an appointment at its allotted time it will be recorded as a DNA (Did Not Attend). Where there are three appointments missed in a six months period you may be asked to leave the practice. The surgery offers an SMS text reminder service - please ask at reception.



SMS Appointment Reminder


The surgery is now able to send a text message to mobile phones when an appointment is booked. A further reminder text will be sent around 48 hours before your appointment.  It is hoped by using this system that the number of patients who did not attend for their appointments is reduced or that the appointment can be cancelled if it is no longer required. It is important to inform reception if your mobile number is changed


Duty Doctor Role


If you have an emergency appointment or an appointment to see the Duty On-Call Doctor there may be delays as the Doctor has to deal with any emergency requests that come in to the surgery.  The reception team will endeavor to keep patients informed.  Each day a doctor is assigned to attend to urgent appointments only - he or she will not be available for routine appointments on that day but you might still see them in the building.


Seeing a Doctor of Your Choice


We operate an appointment system and always try to give you an appointment with the doctor of your choice.  If you need to see a doctor on the same day you will be offered an appointment with whichever doctor is available.  If you wish to see the doctor of your choice this may mean waiting until an appointment is available.


We aim to provide an appointmet with a doctor within 24 hours and an appointment with a Health Care Professional (nurse) within 48 hours.


You can book a variety of appointments via the telephone:





If you feel that your issue is urgent and you need to see us on the day that you telephone. This will be with the duty doctor for that day.  There might be delays in the timings as the doctor deals with all emergencies that come in that day.

Each day a doctor is assigned to attend to urgent appointments only– he or she will not be available for routine appointments on that day but you might still see them in the building.




If you feel that it would be appropriate to see us at a future time and want to be able to book ahead, when we schedule our appointment plan roughly 30% are opened for booking.  We aim to have pre-bookable appointments up to one month ahead, although this is dependent on Doctors confirming their availability. It is also difficult during the summer holiday months, and a change-over of training doctors.

These appointments do fill up quickly with more and more patients booking a follow up appointment as soon as they come out of the doctors room. This is why when you ring to book ahead you may be informed there is nothing available for a few weeks and does not mean we have no appointments at all. This only means we have no appointments left that you are able to book ahead for.  In this case you will be asked to ring in on the day for the next release of appointments. 


Pre-bookable appointments can be accessed on-line at the same time as they become available for reception to book into.


Opened up on the day


There are a number of appointments that are only opened up at 8am for that day.  Roughly 50% of our appointments can only be booked into on the actual day.  This is to ensure patients who fall ill or need to be seen can be seen.

Same-Day appointments will be available on-line at the same time they become available to the reception team.


Practice Extended Hours


We also offer a limited number of appointments outside our normal opening hours of 8.00am—6.30pm. However, it should be noted that they are pre-bookable routine appointments only. There are no nursing staff in the building. Reception will only check patients in and other reception tasks are not available. 


There is no telephone contact during extended hours.  Ringing the surgery will receive the telephone message to contact out-of-hours. The surgery is unable to treat emergency patients during extended hours sessions.


Double appointments


Appointments are scheduled to last up to 10 minutes. However, you can request a double appointment if you feel it is needed. 


Home Visit Requests 


Please try every avenue possible to be seen at the surgery.  Please ring in as early as possible if a home visit is required. Giving as much detail about the condition as you can allows the doctor to assess the urgency of the visit.  We ask that home visits are only requested where necessary as the doctor can see 4 patients in surgery for every home visit attended, and the full range of facilities and team at the surgery ensure we are able to offer the highest quality of care, whereas the home visit bag only contains a small range of commonly used equipment. 


Video Consultations


Registrar doctors working at the practice need to video consultations for training purposes.  When the doctor is videoing you will be informed of this when you book your appointment and your written consent to take part in the video consultation will always be asked for before your consultation.

If you decide not to take part, your normal treatment will not be affected.


Consultation Delays


Emergencies occasionally cause Surgeries to run late and some medical problems take longer than expected.  We are sorry about this and ask you to be patient.  If you are dissatisfied please let the doctor know.


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